Ann Arbor Branch Position Descriptions

AAUW Funds
This position encourages the financial support of AAUW in areas most important to individual Ann Arbor members, traditionally education, advocacy and leadership. Read more>>

Book Sale Co-Chairs
The Book Sale Co-Chairs coordinate and oversee all aspects of planning and execution of the annual sale. Read more>>

College-University Representative
The College-University Representative establishes and maintains relationships with all local colleges/universities which have AAUW C/U Partnerships. Read more>>

Communications Chair
The Communications Chair manages outgoing communication from the Branch to members, works with the Directory Editor to publish the Directory Supplement, and publicizes additional Branch activities as directed by the President. Read more>>

Computer Support Chair
The Computer Support Chair maintains three AAUW Ann Arbor email lists.  Read more>>

Corresponding Secretary
The Corresponding Secretary manages e-mail and (limited) USPS correspondence as delegated by the President or Board of Directors. Read more>>

Directory Editor
The Directory Editor is in charge of compiling, editing, and printing the branch Directory and supplements. Read more>>

Dues Treasurer
The Dues Treasurer is in charge of collecting annual dues, maintaining dues records, and compiling and sharing reports. Read more>>

Finance Treasurer
The Finance Treasurer is in charge receiving and depositing all monies remitted to the Branch, with the exception of dues, maintaining records and spreadsheets, and sharing reports. Read more>>

The Ann Arbor Branch Historian is responsible for placing certain printed materials into the Branch history files at Bentley Historical Library at the end of each year of operation.  Read more>>

Mailing Chair
The Mailing Committee Chair coordinates and oversees the Mailing Committee. Read more>>

Membership Vice President
The primary responsibility of the Membership Vice President is the recruitment of new members. Read more>>

Name Tags/Greeters
The Hospitality Team is in charge of greeting members at events and providing name tags to members. Read more>>

The NCCWSL Chair promotes National Conference for College Women Student Leaders and organizes how scholarships are awarded. Read more>>

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee presents a slate of nominees in writing to the membership at least 30 days prior to the election. Read more>>

The Parliamentarian attends Board meetings, Executive Committee meetings, and the Annual meeting and provides guidance about parliamentary procedure.  Read more>>

Past President
A Past President’s first obligation is to manage the transition from her term to her successor’s. Read more>>

Policy and Bylaws Chair
The Policy and Bylaws Chair reviews and updates policies and bylaws. Read more>>

The President presides at meetings, oversees the budget, ensures that fees are paid, and submits an annual report. Read more>>

President Elect
The President Elect coordinates Interest Groups, helps prepare the Branch Membership Directory and assists the President as needed. Read more>>

Program Vice President
The Program Vice President serves as chair of the Program Committee. Read more>>

Public Policy Chair
The Public Policy Chair becomes knowledgeable about AAUW’s public policies, stays informed about updates, and distributes information in a timely manner.  Read more>>

Recording Secretary
It is the Recording Secretary’s responsibility to record the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors. Read more>>

Social Co-Chairs
The social co-chairs arrange for greeters, beverages, and cookies for branch meetings. Read more>>

STEM Initiatives Director
The mission of the STEM Initiative Director is to support any STEM project that the Board approves. Read more>>

Website & Facebook
The webmaster keeps the branch website current and posts important information in a timely manner. Read more>>