Local Scholarships

AAUW-Ann Arbor Branch supports local scholarships at the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College through proceeds from its annual used book sale fundraiser, held every year since 1953, as well as individually established endowments.

All local AAUW scholarships are awarded through the institution involved.  For more information please contact the appropriate school.                                                     

UM – CEW+  Scholarship AAUW – Ann Arbor Branch Used Book Sale Scholarship

This endowment was established in 2019 by an alumna of UM (who had
received a Mary Markley scholarship in 1983) to honor the AAUW-Ann
Arbor’s book sale legacy and commitment to scholarship funding. In 1990,
the Ann Arbor Branch created this annual scholarship with an initial gift of
$2100 and we have steadily maintained it at the annual $5000 level to support
individuals returning to school to complete their degrees at the undergraduate
and graduate level. The Endowment ensures the scholarship will continue
into perpetuity.

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UM – CEW+  Scholarship AAUW – Mary Elizabeth Bittman Memorial Scholarship

The Mary Elizabeth Bittman Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually on behalf of AAUW-Ann Arbor through the University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women to an undergraduate whose education has been interrupted.

In 2006, The American Association of University Women joined with the Bittman family, in particular James Bittman, the elder of Elizabeth’s two sons, to establish the Mary Elizabeth Bittman Scholarship. 

A member of AAUW for over 50 years, Elizabeth was an Honorary Life Member—Ann Arbor Branch.  She was also a 70-year resident of Ann Arbor, active in both business and community activities.  Despite economic difficulties, Elizabeth graduated from the University of Michigan in 1941 with a degree in Political Science-at a time when a college education for women was less common than it is today. 

In honor of her belief that “an education is something that can never be taken away,” this scholarship is designed to help individuals whose studies have been interrupted to complete degrees in their chosen fields.

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University of Michigan:  Mary Markley Scholarships

The Mary Markley Scholarships, funded by the AAUW-Ann Arbor Branch and administered by the University of Michigan Financial Aid office, are awarded each year to two or three junior or senior undergraduate women. 

The name of the scholarship honors Mary Butler Markley, one of the earliest (1892) graduates of the University. During her college years she championed various women’s causes and was one of the organizers of the Women’s League, established to promote activities on campus for women. 

In 1902, Mary Markley joined 40 other women to form the Ann Arbor branch of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, which would later become the American Association of University Women, or AAUW. Annual dues were $1.50. The group was committed to the educational advancement of women and girls and established science clubs in the elementary schools of Ann Arbor.

When Mary Markley died in 1956 she bequeathed $5,000 to fund an undergraduate woman’s scholarship to be administered by the Ann Arbor branch of AAUW and annual awards have been made each year, save one, since 1959. Administration and investment transferred to the University of Michigan’s Endowment Fund in 1994 as a fully endowed scholarship under the name of The AAUW Mary Markley Scholarship.

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Washtenaw Community College:  Margaret Weddell Brandon Endowed Scholarship

In 1998, AAUW-Ann Arbor received a surprise bequest from the will of a former member, Margaret Weddell Brandon, a branch member from 1945/46 through 1955/56.  Her wish was honored by her husband more than 40 years after the couple had left Ann Arbor. 

With the gift of $33,600 from the Brandon will, the decision was made to allocate the money in support of education for women.  Included was a distribution of $15,000 to Washtenaw Community College to establish an endowment named the AAUW Margaret Weddell Brandon Scholarship Fund.  Since inception, this endowment has appreciated to approximately $50,000 and its earnings have regularly supported scholarships to deserving WCC students.

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Eastern Michigan University:  AAUW–Ann Arbor Branch Endowed Scholarship

The AAUW-Ann Arbor Endowed Scholarship at EMU originated with the establishment of a $30 student loan fund about 1933 by the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Branch of AAUW to Michigan State Normal College.  The school board accepted the branch donation and subsequent additions from AAUW-Ypsilanti from 1934-1943.  AAUW-Ypsilanti operated as an independent branch for 34 years and then reunited with the AAUW-Ann Arbor in 1984. 

In 1965 the branch loan fund was converted to a scholarship fund and in 2001, AAUW-Ann Arbor officially established the AAUW-Ann Arbor Endowed Scholarship at EMU with scholarships to be awarded annually to junior or senior students at EMU.

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