Officers and Board

Elected Officers 2023 – 2024

President                                               Diane Benson
Co-Presidents Elect Constance Dickinson, Ann Ringia
Membership Vice President Pam Ehrhart
Program Co-Vice Presidents Karen Jania, Lois Stenger
Dues Treasurer Marti Ream
Finance Treasurer La Verne Higgins
Recording Secretary    Bia Hamed                           
Past Co-Presidents Constance Dickinson, Ann Ringia
Nomination Committee Chair
Kathleen Kubis

Appointed Directors & Chairs 2023 – 2024

AAUW Funds Director                             Polly Pan                                               
2023 Book Sale Co-Chairs
2024 Book Sale Co-Chairs
Jenny Day, Pam Ehrhart
Pam Ehrhart and Sheryl Kurze
College/Univ Liaison Lisa Comben
Communications/ IG Calendar Susan Pritts
Historian Ann Ringia
NCCWSL Director  Ginny Maturen
STEM Initiatives Co-Directors Marcella Haghgooie, Amy Seetoo
Bylaws & Policies Director Mary Mostaghim
Public Policy Co-Chairs Marina Brown, Fran Lyman

Appointed Chairs & Committees 2023 – 2024, Non-voting

Corresponding Secretary                                                                  Jenny Hannibal                                                                           
Social Co-Chairs Marcella Haghgooie, Kathleen Kubis
Hospitality Name Tags Committee Deborah Dawson, Chair
Elected for Two Years (2022 – 2024)
Elected for Two Years (2023 – 2025)
Appointed One Year (2023 – 2024)
Karen Jania, Kathleen Kubis

Pat Drabant, Karen Fox
Julia Heck, Ann Ringia, Ulla Roth
Publicity – Ann Arbor Observer  Mindy Brummet
Publicity – Book Sorting and Sale Pamela Ehrhart
Website and Social Media Coordinator Kim Clark
Email List Support  Diane Benson
Online Directory Updates Kim Clark
Parliamentarian Betty Bishop
Print Directory Team Mary Mostaghim, Margaret Ringia Hart, editors
Diane Benson, Jennifer Day, Polly Pan, Ann Ringia
Voicemail (Grasshopper 844-973-6287) Pam Ehrhart
AAUW 5 -Star Program Coordinator TBD
Zoom Coordinator for Board & Program Meetings Karen Jania
Diversity Co-Chairs La Verne Higgins, Amy Seetoo
Connections Newsletter Team Susan Pritts, Amy Seetoo, Pat Drabant