2014 Book Sale Report

62nd Annual Book Sale Report

BOOK SALE PROFITS: We had over $37,000 in gross profits from our 62nd AAUW-AA Used Book Sale (Sept 5-7, 2014), held at Washtenaw Community College.  Included in the number above is $10,909 from dealer purchases plus $1,195 from early entrance fees. In addition we expect to earn funds from our “specially priced books” still being sold on consignment or online. This money will be added to next year’s sale totals.

SCHOLARSHIPS FROM SALE: From our 2014 gross sale funds we expect the Board to approve awarding $27,500 in local and national AAUW scholarships for women, with $16,000 being sent to AAUW funds nationally, and the rest divided between ongoing scholarships we give at the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College. We are holding back about $10,000 to finance the start-up of next year’s sale, as we have in the recent past.

POSITIVE WRAP-UP: The Planners and Sorting and Sale leaders met to share reports and conversations at the Book Sale Wrap-Up meeting on October 31. Both Mary Mostaghim (2nd year) and Pam Ehrhart (1st year) Book sale Co-chairs expressed thanks for all the problem-solving and leadership and helpful advice provided by our members, both long-time and recent, who and worked together to make sure things ran smoothly at both sorting and sale.

BOOK SORTING BONUS: We felt energized and happy that at the Oak Valley mall, we had over 20 children and grandchildren, high school and college-age young men and women, including a new immigrant family from Iraq, who pitched in to help sort books, make and stack boxes, move books, etc. They added smiles to our faces and relief to our backs.

SUCCESSFUL SALE: The sale itself ran smoothly in spite of some air conditioning problems at the site. We needed only one “blue light” special on Saturday night, and sold bags on Sunday at full price until the end of the sale. Again we had great clean up help from Girls Group and the sons of a new member! And both Pam and I observed Washtenaw Community College students selecting stacks of books from the free left-overs on the following Monday.

Our Annual AAUW-AA Book Sale is one of the strongest glues that holds our members together. The benefit of summer companionship and solving problems together, of sorting and boxing up and recycling books, and finally selling them at low prices to provide generous scholarships for women’s education cannot be overestimated! We are looking forward to the 63rd AAUW-AA Book Sale, September 11-13, 2015!

Mary Mostaghim and Pam Ehrhart
November, 2014