2015 Book Sale Report

63rd Annual Book Sale Report

The AAUW-Ann Arbor Branch did it again!  We can be very proud of how our members, student volunteers and supporters were able to make the sixty-third annual book sale a success. This year was a time for innovation as we worked together to coordinate sorting-site challenges, book storage issues, and the September book sale.  Thanks to the many dedicated women involved, we smoothly integrated our traditional sorting system into the Veteran’s Memorial Park Ice Arena.  Once again, member participation and auxiliary volunteer groups efficiently folded into the single purpose of furthering our goal to raise funds for scholarships.  Careful monitoring of the book storage and move; through the trucking company, Move America; segued into a profitable book sale at Washtenaw Community College.  Along the way, we could be thankful for the help of National Honor Society students, the Gabrielle Richard Pioneer Track Team and the Concordia Basketball team.  What an accomplishment!

Our Branch has further reason to be proud. Our local community supported AAUW-Ann Arbor efforts this summer by donating thousands of books to us. It was their trust in the value of our fund raising project that allowed us to offer a roughly estimated 40,000 books for sale.  The proceeds from the sale rose above $36,000 because of that trust.  We do not disappoint the donors or ourselves when we announce we are able to generously fund our traditional scholarships for another year.  

Next year the 64th annual sale will be held on September 9-11, 2016.  We’ll start to collect books in late June — watch this space for details.