Job Descriptions

Branch Job Descriptions

AAUW Funds/University
Book Sale Chairs

College-University Representative
Communications Chair
Computer Support Chair
Corresponding Secretary
Directory Editor
Diversity Chair
Dues Treasurer
Finance Treasurer
Fund Raising Chair
High School Scholarships Chair
Interest Group Calendar Editor
Legal Advocacy Fund Chair
Mailing Chair
Membership Vice President
Mission-Issues Director
Nominating Committee
Past President
Photography and Displays
Policy and Bylaws Chair
President Elect
Program Vice President
Public Policy Chair
Recording Secretary
Social Co-Chairs
Website Chair


Goal:  To encourage the financial support of AAUW fellowships and publicize how they are used to promote the education of women and girls.

  • Chair a meeting to determine the allocation of Used Book Sale funds (following the procedures outlined in Financial Policies) and present the committee’s disbursement recommendation for Board approval no later than the December Board meeting.
    • Work with the Finance Treasurer to disburse scholarship funds as approved by the Board. Complete the Contribution Report Form and send it with branch and individual contributions to AAUW to meet the annual deadline. Send a copy of the CRF to the State AAUW Funds Chair.  Include branch contribution summary information in Board reports.
    • Maintain current staff contact information at each local college/university to facilitate receipt of annual scholarship recipient contact information.  Local AAUW scholarship awards include those from the University of Michigan (UM) Mary E. Markley Endowment, UM Center for the Education of Women (CEW) and AAUW endowments from Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and Washtenaw Community College (WCC).
    • Invite AAUW Fellows studying at local universities and other local scholarship recipients from UM, EMU and WCC to be guests of the Branch at the winter or spring luncheon.
    • Solicit nominations for Named Gift and Eleanor Roosevelt honorees and conduct selection of honorees at the disbursement meeting. Prepare biographies and certificates for the honorees and obtain pins from national AAUW to present to them at the luncheons.  Be responsible for permanent Branch Honoree crystal vase from EMU to be presented with flowers to each honoree for their personal use until the following luncheon.
    • At winter and spring luncheon, introduce scholarship recipients in attendance, present honorees and request scholarship donations to AAUW Funds.
    • Receive AAUW Funds scholarship donations from members throughout the year. Acknowledge and record donations and send funds and CRFs to AAUW, with CRF copies to the State chair.
    • Prepare articles for publication on Branch website and/or through e-news or branch email list-serve to educate members, solicit donations and report news.
    • Update the Board monthly on activities.
    • Determine potential expenses for Budget committee.

 Skills: Computer communication                                                                                                                                             Updated June 2015


Co-Chair job responsibilities are more accurately described with the titles of Chair and Assistant Chair of the Book Sale. The positions require two-year commitments. One person acts as the lead, or principal, co-chair. The second co-chair actually functions as an assistant to the principal co-chair, learning each of the tasks first-hand. The two co-chairs agree on how they will share responsibilities, listed below.

    • Coordinate and oversee all aspects of planning and execution of the annual sale.
    • Write articles for the AAUW monthly Bulletin, sharing planning and sale information with membership.
    • Appoint members of the Planning Committee that meets in the spring.
    • Determine potential expenses for a budget: the Book Sale budget is separate from the branch budget, though administered by the branch finance treasurer. The Book Sale chairs work out a budget with the planning committee and the publicity chair.
    • Appoint all Committee Chairs: Sorting co-chairs for all three summer sessions, staffing, membership materials, collections & voice mail, collection screening, training, greeters, sorting site nametags, sorting labels, box procurement, recycling, transportation, set up, treasurer and financial tellers, publicity, non-profits, data/communications support and dealers, and clean-up.
    • Review sorting categories, and arrange for printing of box labels that correspond to the categories.
    • Develop calendar for collection, sorting, drop off, moving, and sale.
    • Find sorting space; clean it, set it up and organize it prior to sorting. See that all appropriate individuals have a key (or make arrangements to share). Move tables, equipment, reference books, etc. to the sorting site.
    • Contact Washtenaw Community College early in the spring to confirm space arrangements; also arrange for contract 2 years hence, in order to reserve use of Artists’ Gallery for dealer use on the first day of the sale. Contract to be signed and returned by AAUW-AA president. Check the proposed future dates so they do not conflict with religious holidays as much as possible.
    • Contact other AAUW branches, especially Wyandotte/Downriver, and other groups to arrange collection of overflow books, especially near end of sorting period.
    • Coordiinate with the Publicity Chair all decisions and costs regarding official publicity and flyers.
    • Prepare collection and sale flyers to be included with the reservation sheet for the May luncheon; these items will be mailed to all branch members as well as being included in the May Bulletin. Hard copies will also be available at the sorting site and at the May luncheon for member distribution.
    • Coordinate with Staffing Chair to ensure appropriate volunteer staffing for the sale.  Staffing Chair sends instructions along with assignments to the floorwalkers and cashiers.
    • Appoint a volunteer/committee to locate/prepare/arrange/post all other printed material: purchase receipts, price lists, posters, yard signs, and directional signs at the sale site.
    • Arrange for training sessions: for triage/sorting, for cashiers (volunteers who take the money from the public, not the Head Tellers behind the scenes).
    • Arrange for recycling service.
    • Reserve 4 flat bed carts. These should be delivered to WCC afternoon before moving day or that morning, and be picked up on Monday following the sale.
    • Arrange for Kick-Off Meeting/luncheon in June prior to the beginning of sorting. All AAUW-Ann Arbor branch members are invited.
    • Attend/monitor progress during sorting sessions as needed. See that there are enough greeters, supplies, flyers, receipts, etc.
    •  Review/approve requests for financial reimbursement or financial expenditures. These will be made on approved forms and Chair will forward to Branch Finance Treasurer.
    • Ensure that Transportation and Set-Up Chairs receive total box and tray count category information from Data Support Chair.
    •  Ensure that Set-Up chair has contacted Concordia to arrange help from its basketball team on moving day and that payment to the school has been arranged.
    • Review the Set up plan at WCC with the Set-Up Chair.
    • Buy refreshments for the movers. Have these available at the sorting site. Move anything remaining to the sale site. (Doughnuts, bagels, granola bars, juice boxes, individual bottles of water.)
    • Supervise the moving to WCC. Be sure all the hand-carts are available. Clean up sorting space after movers have departed.
    • Supervise the set up at WCC.
    • Arrange for volunteers to break down and store the unpacked boxes during set up.
    • Check to see that Head Tellers (behind the scenes) have aprons, cash boxes, and sufficient change, etc. Check arrangements for bank deposits.
    • Attend and monitor sale progress during sale days.   Confirm that non-profits will pick up books from 1-3 p.m. on sale Sunday.
    • At end of sale: Arrange for volunteers who will assemble boxes to pack up remainder of books not sold and move sale materials to storage.
    • Supervise closing and clean up after sale. Boxes of remaining soft cover books should be boxed and stacked. WCC takes care of leftover soft covers. All hard cover books are boxed and taken to drop-off center or distributed [retirement homes etc.].
    • Renew storage unit agreement, if needed.
    •  Ensure the tellers prepare final Book Sale financial report.
    • Meet with AAUW Funds Chair and committee for dispersal of profit from year’s sale; reserve about $10,000 for start up funds for next year.
    • Secure written reports from each of the Committee Chairs.
    • Arrange for Wrap-Up Meeting  with Committee Chairs. Brainstorm ideas for possible future improvements.

Skills: Administrative and computer


Establish and maintain relationships with all local colleges/universities which have AAUW C/U Partnerships.  (Currently these are Eastern Michigan University, the University of Michigan and Washtenaw Community College.)

    • Establish a C/U Relations committee consisting of one branch member to serve as liaison with each institution that is a C/U Partner.
    • Meet with C/U Partner Representatives as necessary (at least once a year), perhaps along with the liaison for the institution.
    • Assist liaisons in coordinating joint projects that may develop with local institutions, such a mentoring project, etc.
    • Appoint a NCCWSL Chair to work with the member liaison at each C/U Partner institution to encourage NCCWSL registrations from students at C/U Partner institutions.
    • Work with NCCWSL Chair to convene committee to review NCCWSL registrations and prioritize list of students to receive scholarship assistance.  Traditionally the President and President-Elect have been part of this committee.
    • Keep local C/U Partner institutions informed about all AAUW programs or projects in which they may participate.
    • Prepare C/U articles or announcements for Bulletin as appropriate and work with the Communications Director to place significant activities in the local media.
    • Determine potential expenses for the budget committee.

Skills: Communication, organizational, and computer skills are necessary. Experience working or volunteering within a college/university setting is desirable

Activities Time Line

Sep., Oct. — With C/U liaisons, meet with local C/U Partner Representatives to set agenda for the year.

Nov., Dec. — Invite C/U Partner Representatives to Winter Luncheon and host them at that event.

Feb., Mar. — Assist in communicating NCCWSL information to local institutions and in selection of Branch NCCWSL scholarship recipient(s).


Responsible for overseeing and coordinating all forms of outgoing communication from the Branch, i.e. newsletters, notes, notices, mailings, social media, website

  • Send monthly email Newsletter to Branch with Board Briefs and Program announcement
    • Quarterly, send more in-depth Newsletter which may include:
            • – Fall: (mid-August) book sale volunteer forms, Open House plans, upcoming programs
              – Winter: (early November) New Member Reception information, Winter Luncheon reservation
              – Spring: (early to mid-March) nominations biographies, proposed budget, proposed by-law changes(received 30 days before April Annual Meeting), Spring luncheon reservation, dues renewal, NCCWSL update
              – Summer: (early to mid-May) book sorting location and potluck date, repeat dues renewal, President’s end-of-year summary
    • Maintain Branch email account (Constant Contact)
    • Maintain Branch voicemail account (, changing contact numbers and messages as necessary
    • Send Branch meeting information to local media outlets i.e. Ann Arbor Observer, Ann (Events Calendar, Bulletin Board), radio and tv (WUOM, WEMU, WAAM, CTN), and to other groups willing to post information, i.e. University of MI CEW
    • Publicize additional Branch activities as directed by the President
    • Determine potential expenses for Budget committee

Updated July 2014


    • Maintain U-M E-mail List, one for the Board and one for the branch members.  All the Board members are also on the branch list, unless they decline.
    • Contact the U-M person (called the owner) who places additions, deletions, and corrections into the U-M system.  One may collect a number of changes and send them by e-mail at one time to maximize efficiency.
    • Contact new members by email to ask if they wish to be on the message board list.  These names will be obtained through the Dues Treasurer.
    • Monitor the content of messages sent by individual members to the branch message board.  The content should fall within the guidelines of the branch mission or be about significant events in members’ lives (or their immediate nuclear families) such as marriages, deaths, etc.  If a message is inappropriate, contact the sender and tactfully remind her of these guidelines.
    • Maintain a listing of all members who are currently on the email list.  These may be obtained by pulling up the U-M listing on the computer and noting the date when it was last altered.
    • Engage in a year-long recruitment to increase use of the E-mail list.  Report at periodic intervals the percentage of members currently on the system.

Note: The Message Board Policy is an excellent reference when usage issues arise. Keep a copy of the policy on file.


    • The corresponding secretary shall have charge of such correspondence of the branch as is delegated by the president or board of directors.
    • Keep on file all communications received and names of members to whom letters were sent.
    • Keep a two-year supply of stationary.
    • Report correspondence at monthly board meetings.
    • Co-ordinate with the president to communicate events such as member marriages, deaths, awards etc., via the Email List.
    • Determine potential expenses for Budget committee.

Skills: computer skills recommended


    • Determine with President and President Elect when directory and subsequent supplements should be issued and develop timeline/production schedule.
    • Determine potential expenses for budget committee.
    • Gather and compile information:
      — Member information, both new and renewals, from Dues Treasurer, via master Excel spreadsheet
      — Program information from President and Program Vice President
      — Interest group information from President and President Elect
      — Ads from President Elect
    • Prepare directory, using Microsoft Word:
      — Update front matter, as required (new officers, board members, program, etc)
      — Using Mail Merge, download current member information from master spreadsheet and insert in directory file
      — Proof hard copy directory against member renewal forms with another, usually President Elect
    • Get directory printed.  Obtain print bids every two years.
    • Coordinate with mailing committee for distribution to members at Open House and via mail.
    • Prepare a PDF file of member listings (the E-Directory) and distribute electronically to members who have requested it.
    • Prepare directory supplements as often as needed.  Supplements are distributed with the Bulletin as separate PDF attachments.  Incorporate  supplement information into the master Word file; prepare and distribute an updated E-Directory.

Skills : Ability to organize a lot of material, with high level of attention to detail; strong computer skills and/or willingness to learn new ones; ability to set and meet deadlines.


    • Promote the mission of the Diversity Network (DNAAA) in all meetings and communications of the group.
    • Serve on AAUW-AA Board and present periodic reports to Board.
    • Provide monthly meeting information to Interest Group Calendar Editor.
    • Recruit both AAUW members and community-based members for the group.
    • Maintain a group Email list: Send notices of upcoming meetings and announcements of activities that are of interest to the group.
    • Organize and chair annual meeting to set goals for the year and determine the program for each monthly meeting.
    • Conduct monthly meetings on first Saturday of each month:
      1.  Assist presenting speaker with any technical needs.
      2.  Make arrangements with local restaurants and other venues where monthly meetings are held.
    • Determine potential expenses for budget committee.


    • Collect all annual dues from current Branch members and new members.
      A.  Prepare and send out the annual dues notice in the April, May and June Bulletins.
      B.  Work with fellow Branch members to retain members and recruit new members.
    • Forward all Branch member dues to the National and State Associations with the appropriate forms and payment.  Maintain deadlines for submission of Branch Dues Report and Additional Dues Reports quarterly and as needed.
    • Maintain an accurate list of all Branch members, addresses, phone and e-mail members, college/university graduation dates and degrees.
      A.  Maintain a database of individual member’s preferences, skills, interests and a willingness to work on short/long term projects, hold office, etc.
      B.  Maintain a mailing list.
    •  Post names of new members and contact information on the AAUW –AA Branch Message Board.  When changes in contact information of existing Branch members is identified, post it on the AAUW – AA Branch message board.
    • Work with VP Membership, Bulletin Editor(s), Directory Editor, and Mailing Committee Chair to coordinate communication efforts and insure accuracy of member’s demographic information.
    • Participate in Executive and general meetings of the Board of Directors.
    • Participate in the Branch budgeting process.  Give input regarding revenue estimates from annual dues collected.
    • Review Branch members (50 years) for recognition as Honorary Life Member status; complete and submit applications as indicated.

Activities Timeline

  • The duties of the Dues Treasurer are assumed in April, immediately following the general election on the third Tuesday in April.   (Remaining elected officers assume responsibility July 1 of each year.)
  • Dues are due May 15 of each year.
  • Collect (several times per week) and distribute mail from P.O. Box as needed.

Note:  see #13 of Finance Treasurer for duplication of this item.


  • Receive and deposit all monies remitted to the Branch, with the exception of dues, which are received and handled by the Dues Treasurer
    • Pay all bills provided for in the budget or verified by persons making AAUW purchases. Track and pay all renewals and recurring bills, such as voicemail, Constant Contact, insurance, storage, etc.
    • Record all Branch revenue and expenses according to budget or other Branch account categories
    • Prepare spread sheets for special activities
    • Maintain separate books for Book Sale transactions
    • Maintain orderly files and ensure proper back-up for all transactions
    • Keep accurate records for all Branch bank accounts and reconcile accounts at the end of every month
    • Prepare and submit a report to the Board at each regular meeting and the annual meeting, and at such times as requested by the Board. In most cases, reports should show actual MTD and YTD revenues and expenses as compared to budget figures
    • Close and present Branch books for annual review at the end of the fiscal year, June 30. Reopen the books at July 1
    • Serve on the Budget Committee and help prepare an annual budget
    • Serve on the committee which distributes earnings from book sale
    • Prepare and file necessary tax forms and payments by deadlines, such as annual sales tax return
    • Pick up AAUW-AA Branch mail in box at Stadium Post Office and distribute
    • Acknowledge donations with signed and dated receipt to be used for tax purposes
      Skills: accounting, spread sheet and computer skills
                                                                                                                                Updated May 2017



    • Recruit a small committee to plan fund-raising activities for the year. Branch President, and/or other elected officer(s) should be ex-officio members.
    • Identify Branch financial needs.
    • Consider appropriate projects for fund raising, and designate how funds will be used.
    • Make plans for the Branch garage sale, which traditionally funds convention expense.
    • Organize a Branch garage sale to be held in alternate years in the month of May.
      – Secure a site for the sale

      – Advertise need for donations from branch members
      – Enlist member involvement as pricers, workers, cleanup help
      – Plan for disposal of unsold items
      – Prepare activity report for Board


The Ann Arbor Branch Historian is responsible for placing certain materials in the branch files at Bentley at the end of each year of operation. These materials include: Board and Branch minutes, Financial Reports, Business Correspondence, Directory, Monthly Bulletins, Book Sale information, Publicity, and annual report of President plus other materials designated to be saved. Only one copy of each of the above is needed.

    • Collect above materials yearly, in June.
    • These items are added to the Bentley Library files along with an updating of the “finding aid” for the collection at the Bentley Library (see below).
    • Oversee filing of additional other items at Bentley, as needed, such as special reports and projects, photographs (labeled if possible), letters and awards.
    • Provide historical information, as requested and as possible, to board members or others as needed in connection with their jobs or positions.
    • Assist Membership Chair or Dues Treasurer regarding members who may be eligible for Honorary Life Membership.
    • Attend board meetings; provide historical information to the branch or board as needed or requested.
    • Determine potential expenses for budget committee.

AAUW Ann Arbor Branch Collection — Bentley Historical Library,  734-764-3482
Finding Aid:
BOX 1:    20th century membership directories, 1903 – present
BOX 2:    Monthly Bulletins 1942-current (some missing); Ypsilanti Financial reports 1915-1940; 1953 Membership Survey (AA and Ypsilanti); 1940’s Misc. File – committee reports
BOX 3:    Book sale reports up to 2005; general financial reports; and flyers
BOX 4:    FULL Clippings 1956-64, Study group reports/ interest groups, President reports plus board minutes 1958-61, Int. Branch University women/ interest groups 78-93, Americana Radio Play, study group file 1924-38
BOX 5:    FULL AA and Ypsilanti Branches board minutes 1902-1950, AA and Ypsilanti Branches secretary and Treasurer reports 1940’s, Board minutes 1947-92, Board committee reports and minutes
BOX 6:    Minutes 1950’s and 1960’s, Presidents notebook 1950’s and 1960’s, Correspondence, AAUW week – publicity, Interest groups – mostly 1960’s/some 1970’s, International relations 1950’s
BOX 7:    President, Secretary and Treasurers’ Reports 1970’s
BOX 8:    FULL President’s Reports 1980’s and 1990’s, minutes, Book Sale, Finances, Correspondence
BOX 9:    Board membership 2000-current; Financial; Minutes; End of year Reports 2004-current; Bylaws; Board Manual 2006; Board Minutes 2005-current; Board Bylaws 1947-92; Small Board reports 2003-4
BOX 10: FULL Book sale clippings and pictures; Anniversary celebrations 75th and 100th; Scrapbooks 1954, 55,79, 80, 85, 86, 87; AAUW week resolutions 1984, 1987; Awards; 1995 book sale; 1953-61 Poster      of 75th quilt; 1915-2002 Blue scrolls listing all study groups; summary of AAUW facts 1881-2002; Presidents up until 2002; 1938-2001 scholarship recipients; 100th anniversary folder and disk
BOX 11: historical accounts of AAUW and branch study of Married student housing U of M 1939; 1986 legislative priority survey; Scholarships and Bequests (Rislov); girl scouts/ sister to sister/ family works
BOX 12: 2002, 2004-5 empty envelopes, Interest groups 2004-6


    • Print, revise and edit the applications and recommendation forms for high school scholarship recipients.
    • Attend the scholarship distribution meeting after the Book Sale.
    • Visit/meet the high school counselors and deliver the application forms to them.
    • Call and remind counselors of approaching deadlines.
    • Contact the selected scholarship recipients and inform them about the Spring Luncheon.
    • Assign hostesses from the membership to greet and sit with recipients and their guests at the luncheon.
    •  Forward copies of each recipient’s college registration forms to AAUW-AA branch treasurer for transfer of funds to the college.
    • Determine potential expenses for the budget committee.

Activities Timeline

    • July/August: call and remind recipients to send copy of their college registration.
    • September: forward copies of registrations to treasurer.
    • October/November: attend scholarship distribution meeting.
    • January: print copies of recommendation and application forms, deliver to counselors of the six[6] high schools.
    • April: collect forms and notify chosen recipients of Spring Luncheon.
    • April/May: select hostesses and introduce students at the luncheon


    • Solicit September Interest Group meeting(s) information for September Calendar.
      >Use previous years’ list of Chairs and contact by email.
      >September activities must be typed and sent to membership BEFORE date of August meeting (see #2) in order to be printed and received by September 1.
    • Attend annual meeting in August for Interest Group Chairs.
      >Prepare and distribute preferred format for monthly/yearly submissions of group activities. This includes name of group, day, date and time, meeting location, host and co-host, phone, email, topic, RSVP date, and other pertinent information.
      >Collect names of new Chairs and Co-Chairs.
      >Create group email list of Chairs.
    • Send monthly email reminders to Chairs by 10th of the month requesting information by the 15th for submission in the next Calendar.
      >Consider requesting information for the subsequent month for groups which meet in the first two weeks of the month. This is most helpful to those groups as long as we continue to send some via postal service, therefore an uncertain delivery date.
      >Any changes to group meetings AFTER the 15th become the responsibility of the group Chair to notify group members.
    • Compile information into Calendar format on your computer.
      >MS Word is used.  Abbreviate information as necessary to get all groups on a two-sided page.
      >Proofread Calendar
      >Send Calendar via internet to membership by the 25th of the month.
      >Convert Calendar to PDF and send both Word and PDF as attachments to
      >The June Calendar should include information for those groups.
    • Maintain an up-to-date email and phone list of Chairs and Co-Chairs.

Activities Time Line:
August: Compile/ send out September Interest Group information. Attend meeting for all Interest Group Chairs.
September –June: Compile and send to membership monthly Calendar of Interest Group Activities.


Mission: The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund provides funding and a support system for women seeking judicial redress for sex discrimination.

    • Legal Advocacy Fund [LAF] Chair is responsible for informing our branch members of equity activities at the AAUW level. The fund helps students, faculty, staff and administrators in higher education as they challenge discriminatory practices such as sexual harassment, denial of tenure or promotion, pay inequity, and inequality in women’s athletic programs, at AAUW levels.
    •  LAF chair is responsible for reminding members of the need for funds to further the mission. She will collect donations and send the funds to the Legal Advocacy Fund in Washington DC.
    • Send reports of donations to the State and AAUW, with a copy to the branch president. The usual time for collection is in December, and another appeal may be made in May of each year.


    • Responsible for the coordination and oversight of the Mailing Committee.
    • Print 10 copies per month of the Bulletin and Interest Group Calendar for Branch meetings so they are available for new and potential members to pick up and take home.
    • Maintain a copy of Bulletin monthly and Membership Directory yearly for Branch Historian.  Mail one copy of  Bulletin monthly to the AAUW Library in Washington, DC.
    • Coordinate with Directory Editor when Directories will be available (usually October branch meeting.)  Contact City Club to set up several card tables and chairs for Directory distribution; recruit one or two members to help. Print out mailing labels and affix to Bulletins as they are collected; labels leftover are for Directories that must be mailed.
    • Mail Directories not collected in 6 ½ x 9 ½” manila envelopes.  Recruit a team to help stamp, stuff, and tape envelopes.  Directories are sent via First Class Mail, using PS Form 3600-EZ, May 2009.  Check with Post Office in September to see if any changes have been made to mailing procedures since previous year.  Maintain copies of all postal forms used.
    • Mail Bulletin to members without computer access.
    • Assume other mailing duties at the directions of the board.  Review the position description yearly and revise as necessary.
    • Determine potential expenses for Budget committee, which will include Directory costs, Bulletin copying costs and mailing costs.

Skills: Computer skills necessary


1. Primary responsibility is the recruitment of new members:

    • Serve as chair of the Membership Committee to solicit recruitment ideas.
    • Solicit names of prospects from current members and mail membership information to them.
    • Monitor AAUW voicemail and respond to requests for information from September through mid-June. Book sale chairs are responsible for the voice mail message from mid-June through the Book Sale dates. Record new message as needed.
    • Be the contact person for AAUW’s entry in the Ann Arbor City Directory.

2. Keep membership brochures, etc. up to date: provide brochures for Book Sale sorting, garage sale and other AAUW-sponsored events.

    • Set up and staff membership information table during the annual Book Sale, and at other community events when appropriate.
    • Submit bills to the Treasurer in a timely fashion.

3. Assist with the planning and coordination of the annual Membership Open House with president-elect, dues treasurer and social co-chairs.

    • Prepare announcement/article for the September Bulletin.
    • Publicize Open House by sending information to AAUW members-at-large and to the previous year’s prospects who did not join.
    • Mail invitations to the current list of prospect generated from members
    • Attend Open House planning meetings.
    • Staff membership information table during Open House.

4. Interview new members and submit the “Membership Corner” column to the Bulletin Editor each month, as appropriate. Work with the Dues Treasurer to identify members who are eligible for Honorary Life membership and publicize their stories in the Bulletin.

5. Coordinate orientation of new members with president and president-elect and other committee members of your choosing. Orientation of new members has been accomplished in the previous few years by a New Member Reception held at the City Club from 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. prior to the February Branch meeting.

6. Attend Branch board meetings on a regular basis and report on membership; preside at meetings in the absence of the president, president-elect and program vice-president.

7. Perform such other duties as are requested by the president or by the board of directors.

8. Assign mentors to new members:

    • Obtain a list of members willing to mentor from the dues treasurer.
    • Obtain a list of new members from the dues treasurer.
    • If no one volunteers to mentor a new member, call current members on the list and try to match up appropriate mentors for the new members.
    • As mentors are assigned, inform the President-elect who will send letters to both the new member and the mentor informing them of their connection.
    • Send a list of new members and their mentors to the Bulletin Editor each month.
    • Call for a committee to plan the New Member-Mentor Reception.
    • Communicate with the City Club for food requests and set-up arrangements for the Reception.

9. Receive mailings from the state and national offices and distribute the information to the appropriate officer. Review the membership material and use it to develop membership recruitment and retention activities for our local branch.

10. Determine potential expenses for Budget committee.

Skills: computer


  • Keep up to date on programs offered by AAUW
  • Identify local and national issues which are key to our mission
  • Identify local programs, projects, groups who could benefit from our involvement
  • Filter member suggestions for new community outreach projects which are in line with our mission; propose new ideas to the Board
  • May call a committee to brainstorm projects and make recommendations
  • Develop strategies for implementing outreach projects
  • Appoint a chair to guide each project and work with that person on implementation
  • Update webmaster of projects, chairs, and contact information
  • Continue to evaluate current projects.
  • Keep the Board informed on progress and needs of projects
  • Determine potential expenses for the budget committee

Updated September 2014



    • Secure nametags with the AAUW Ann Arbor branch logo, which are provided for all members.   The nametags for elected officers and appointed chairs also include the members’ titles.  New nametags are prepared as follows: For new members when they join AAUW Ann Arbor branch; for new officers and chairs to include new titles; for outgoing officers and chairs to remove prior titles.
    • Keep an attendance count for branch meetings. The number of attendees (members and guests) is recorded on an Excel spreadsheet and total attendance for the year is reported to the board in May.


    • Two members arrive about 20 minutes prior to meetings/events and set up the nametag table.  They provide teal Greeter tags for the people acting as greeters.  They then greet members as they arrive for meetings, supply the nametags and remind members to mark the attendance sheet.
    • Nametags are prepared for guests attending the winter and spring luncheons. “Reserved Table” signs are also prepared for the luncheons. It is helpful to have pulled the tags for members who made reservations and arrange them alphabetically for pick up.


Recruit 5 Committee Members (4 adequate). Work with 3-U-M, 1-EMU and 1-WCC administrator Feb- March[recommended].

    • Set final ranking meeting for Committee in mid-March.
    • Contact by telephone College/University administrators who work closely with students and explain NCCWSL Program.
    • Send U-M, EMU or WCC scholarship applications to administrators asking to collect and return in less than two weeks.

College administrators forward student applications to AAUW-AA Chair by an early March deadline.

    • Committee members receive and rank each application on their own in mid-March.
    • Committee determines top scholar to be funded by Ann Arbor to attend NCCWSL at meeting on mid-March.
    • Chair informs scholarship winner giving information on “early-bird” NCCWSL registration and Ann Arbor scholarship.
    • Chair informs all non-winners urging them to register and apply at the NCCWSL website for an AAUW scholarship.

Continue informing/communicating with winner and other applicants.


    • Announce NCCWSL—AAUW awards to students.
    • Check sources for more scholarship winners and work with AAUW-MI for travel grants for potential additional NCCWSL-AAUW awardees or other assistance.
    • Determine potential expenses for Budget committee.

Skills: Computer communication skills necessary


The Nominating Committee includes 7 members: 2 members elected the previous year for 2-year terms, 2 newly elected 2- year members and 3 members appointed by the President and approved by the board of directors for one-year terms. The nominating committee chooses a Chair or co-Chairs from its elected members.

  • The Nominating Committee presents a slate of nominees in writing to the membership at least 30 days prior to the election. Nominations may be made from the floor at the time of the election providing the written consent of the nominee is obtained.
  • The slates to be developed each year are:
    > In elections held in even-numbered years, the slate will include the president-elect, vice president for membership, recording secretary, and two 2-year-term members for the nominating committee.
    > In elections held in odd-numbered years, the slate will include the president-elect, vice president for program, finance treasurer, dues treasurer, and two 2-year-term members for the nominating committee.
    > The Committee will nominate candidates for vacant electable officer positions at any time during the year and send them to the AAUW Board for approval.
  • The Committee will ask for lists of possible candidates from the president and president-elect. Members interested in specific positions may contact committee members to discuss their interest. In addition, the membership VP will keep a list of special skills gleaned from the New Member Survey. Computer skills are essential for all Board positions.

Activities Time-Line:
December: Set a date in January for all nominating committee members to meet.
January: A Nominating Committee meeting is held to discuss each office and position. Candidates are discussed and when agreement is reached, phone calls are made to the potential candidates. Emails, phone calls, and meetings continue until a full slate is obtained.
February: The candidates’ slate must be presented at the February Board meeting and sent to the Newsletter Editor for March publication.
April: The slate is voted on at the Annual Meeting. The voting is done by ballot except where there is only one nominee for office, the vote may be taken by voice.


Updated December 2015


A Past President’s first obligation is to manage the transition from her term to her successor’s. They should meet to transfer materials relevant to the office, explain any relevant issues, procedures or duties that will be assumed by the incoming president.

  • During her term, the past president will support and mentor the current president as needed. She serves on the Executive Board, making her experience available there and to the Board in general. She attends monthly Board meetings.
  • Her penultimate duty is to be responsible for installing the new Board of Directors at the May luncheon.
  • She will be honored at a luncheon or gathering of available Ann Arbor AAUW Branch Past Presidents, and will organize such an event the following year. Recently, this group has made a donation to NCCWSL, or some other agreed-upon purpose.

Updated September 2014


  • Take photographs of events and activities for AAUW Ann Arbor branch and supply them to website, Bulletin, historian and members.
  • Photography will include board members, book sorting, book sale, students, winter and spring luncheons and others as needed.
  • Find substitute if not available for photo opportunities.
  • Supply photographs either electronically or in hard copy as needed to website, Bulletin and members.
  • Others may also take photos as long as they do not interfere with formal photos being taken by official photographer.
  • Determine potential expenses for the budget committee.


  • Chair the committee on Policy and Bylaws
  • Review branch bylaws every two years
  • Update any mandated changes to bylaws
  • Review/update Board of Directors job descriptions as needed
  • Update Policies as needed
  • Address procedural problems at branch meetings in absence of Parliamentarian
  • Keep e-files of Bylaws, Policies and Job Descriptions
  • Determine potential expenses for Budget committee

Skills: computer word processing necessary


  • See that liability insurance is renewed each year in January.
  • Complete a contract with the Ann Arbor City Club by May l or the AACC due date.
  • Be the official representative for the branch in the activities of AAUW on all levels.
  • Ensure that AAUW missions are implemented.
  • Submit a list, by June 1, of the incoming and continuing branch officers and chairs or co­chairs to the president of AAUW Michigan and to the executive director of the AAUW, before taking office.
  • Submit an annual report of the branch to the person designated on the forms provided by the Association not later than June 1.
  • Be responsible for bringing the branch bylaws into conformity with the AAUW Charter and Bylaws after each AAUW convention and for submitting revised bylaws for review to the bylaws chair of AAUW Michigan by December 1, following the biennial AAUW convention.
  • Be responsible for bringing branch bylaws into conformity with the AAUW Michigan bylaws after each state convention.
  • Preside at all meetings of the branch, the board of directors, and the Executive Committee.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all task forces and committees except the nominating committee.
  • Call special meetings of the branch in accordance with provision of the branch bylaws.
  • Appoint, with the approval of the executive committee, the chair and/or co-chairs of all task forces and committees, except the nominating committee and those provided for by election, and any additional officers authorized by the branch bylaws.
  • Be responsible for the performance of the duties of any officers because of their absence or disability.
  • See that a budget is prepared in a timely manner for board approval prior to presentation at the April branch meeting.
  • See that the State of Michigan Articles of Incorporation are renewed and fees paid each year in October.


  • Coordinate Interest Groups:
    >  Gather schedules and information about each group’s program plans for the year.   Organize September Open House in conjunction with the Program Chair and Social Co-Chairs.
    >  Visit as many groups as possible during the year in order to become acquainted with individual members and learn more about the structure of the branch program.
  • Serve on the committee for the distribution of the book sale scholarship funds.
  • Serve as ex-officio member of the By-Laws and College/University Relations Committees.
  • Attend Branch Board Meetings and Executive Board Meetings.
  • With the Directory Editor, coordinate the preparation of the Branch Membership Directory:
    > Prepare and/or collect informational content for the directory as requested by the Directory Editor (the membership listing will be prepared by the Directory Editor).
    > Solicit ads for the directory and collect payment for these ads.  Ad copy to be sent to the Directory Editor, who will incorporate the ads into the directory layout.
  • Send welcome letters with information about their mentors to all new members.  Member Directories to be included with letters sent to members who join after the main distribution to current membership.
  • Preside at meetings in the absence of the president, and act in the absence or disability of the president.
  • Perform other such duties as are requested by the president or by the board of directors.
  • Consult and/or advise informally as members raise questions.

Activities Timeline

June, July, August:

Directory Ads

  • Make follow-up phone calls in August to all potential advertisers non-responders.
  • Maintain advertiser information on spreadsheet.
  • Ads to be sent directly to directory editor electronically or as camera-ready hard copy.
  • Finalize directory ads; payment checks to Finance Treasurer. 
  • Send renewal letter with order form to previous advertisers by the end of June.
  • Send ad info to AAUW Message Board to encourage membership to advertise in directory.
  • Contact potential new advertisers.

Membership Directory

  • Consult with Directory Editor on content and layout of Directory.
  • Prepare and/or collect copy for directory:  President’s Letter, Description and schedule of Interest Groups, Branch Programs Schedule and Description.  Send electronically to Directory Editor.
  • Assist with proofing Member Directory and distribution at branch meeting.

Interest Groups (IG)

  • Prepare folders for IG chairs (use previous year’s model).
  • Assist in arrangements for any new Interest Groups.
  • Conduct IG Chairs meeting held in late August with information about Open House.
  • Plan Sept. Open House with Program VP, Membership VP, Social Chairs, and Ann Arbor City Club staff.
  • Get schedules, descriptions, chair names from Interest Groups.

New Member Letters

  • Beginning in July (and continuing throughout year), send welcome letters to newly joining members; information from Membership VP; after general distribution of directory to membership, include directory with welcome letters.


  • At Open House, supervise table setup, place signs, direct IG Chairs to their tables.
  • Contact all local directory advertisers via email inviting them to have a display table at branch meetings.  Coordinate monthly any advertiser displays.  Notify City Club of necessary number of display tables each month.
  • Begin visiting Interest Groups.
  • Coordinate with President, Program VP, Membership VP and Social Chairs for final preparations for Open House.
  • Prepare IG Calendar and IG description lists for Open House.
  • Inventory Open House Supplies – IG signs, stands, Sign up sheets and provide additional ones if necessary.


  • Collect Interest Group membership lists and programs and check for non-members.
  • Continue visiting Interest Groups (continues throughout year).


  • Assist President in planning Winter Luncheon Program and Guest List.


  • Begin appointing directors and chairs for the coming year.  Use Nominations list as a reference for possible people to fill the appointed positions.


  • Assist President in planning Spring Luncheon Program and Guest List.
  • Send welcome and/or appreciation letters to all incoming, outgoing and continuing directors and chairs.
  • Complete contract with Ann Arbor City Club.
  • Prepare list of elected and appointed Board members for June Joint Board Meeting.
  • Send a list of elected and appointed board members to the Association and the State Board.
  • If necessary, locate and arrange site for Board Meetings.

Updated December 2011


  • Courtesy Gift: obtain/maintain supply for speakers.
  • Preside at meetings in the absence of the president and president-elect, and act for them in their absence or disability.
  • Work with other board members on Women’s Equality Day [WED]and Equity day in August and April, respectively.
  • Perform such other duties as are requested by the president or board of directors.
  • Determine potential expenses for the Budget committee. See item #10 in General Policies, re: budget and possible fees, honorariums, or reimbursement for expenses, for special speakers.
  • Serve as chair of program committee.
  • Contact suggested speakers, extend invitations and follow up with written or verbal confirmation.
  • Consider panel discussions with several participants for some programs.
  • Complete program schedule for the year before the September Open House and provide copy to the Directory editor for inclusion in the directory.
  • Provide monthly program announcement to the Bulletin.
  • Confirm final arrangements with speakers in a timely fashion, including checking need for special audio-visual equipment.
  • Coordinate arrangements with social chair for meeting room facility, including need for podium, microphone and A-V equipment.
  • Introduce speaker at meeting and follow up with a thank-you note after the program.

Skills: computer skills recommended


  • Become knowledgeable about AAUW mission of promoting equity and education for all women and girls and the programs that meet their needs.
  • Become informed about AAUW public policy positions.
  •  Inform members of current pertinent pending legislation at state and national levels.
  • Subscribe to the national online/email communications:   “AAUW Washington Update” from the AAUW Public Policy & Government Relations and the  “AAUW Action Network”  – two excellent sources of up to date information.  National website:
  • Follow legislative issues at the state level through the AAUW of Michigan at:
  • Distribute information through the electronic branch “Bulletin” and if necessary, due to dated material, use the branch email system.
  • Work in partnership with others with purposes consistent with AAUW public policy goals, including voter education information about candidate positions as well as background information on election issues.  Remember we are not allowed to endorse any political candidate.
  • Monitor biennial priorities for AAUW and State action, chosen according to the criteria of viability, critical need, strong member support and potential for distinctive AAUW contribution. Co-ordinate with Communications chair for Public Policy Action, as well as with Issues/Mission/Task Force chair.
  • Determine potential expenses for Budget committee.

Skills: Computer skills/ word processing/web browsing required


  • Perform such duties as are requested by the President or Board of Directors.
  • Prepare potential expenses for budget committee as requested.
  • Record and keep in her custody the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and any branch meetings as requested by the branch President (typically, the meeting which includes election of officers).
  • Keep a copy of the branch policies and bylaws and a list of branch officers and committee chairs in the Recording Secretary files, and have it available for consultation at branch board meetings.
  • Maintain a separate list of actions taken by the Board of Directors which are policy-making, together with the dates on which such actions were taken.
  • Transmit one copy of the minutes of the board meetings, as well as any other requested meeting minutes, to the Branch Historian at the end of each fiscal year. Additionally, transmit one copy of accompanying supplementary board reports to the Branch Historian.

Additional Notes:

    • Recording of board meetings on a digital recorder is useful for reference.
    • Circulate attendance sheet at board meetings.
    • Format minutes to be consistent with the President’s agenda.
    • Label filename of minutes with date and draft number, e.g., AAUWboardminutes050410draft1.
    • Include filename in minutes as footnote.
    • Send first draft of minutes to the President and one reviewer for editiing before submission to the entire board for review.
    • Submit supplementary board member reports electronically to entire board. Include filenames of monthly supplementary reports in monthly minutes.

Updated December 2011


  • Arrangements for monthly branch meetings are made in advance with AACC.  Interest/Study groups sign-up to bring 2 dozen cookies for the meetings.  The groups should be reminded one week in advance and asked to deliver cookies before 7 p.m. the day of the branch meeting.
  • Arrange for greeters for each branch meeting and send them a reminder at least one week in advance of the meeting.
  • Coordinate with the Program V.P. to make the following arrangements: Date of meeting; Estimated attendance (45 – 70); Arrival time for social and hospitality chairs; serving time; Meeting time.
  • Order the following: 2 carafes decaffeinated coffee; 30 cups brewed tea; 2 pitchers of water; 50 cups and saucers; 20 glasses of water; spoons, cocktail napkins; 3 serving plates for member’s cookies; 2 card table size tables for nametags at front entrance; basket for returned nametags.
  • Plan to arrive 45 minutes before the meeting begins; check room setup and beverage service.
  • The September Open House, December and May Luncheons are traditionally held at AACC in the ballroom.  Consult with AACC for arrangements.  Detailed instructions for arrangements and prepaid registrations are included in the Social Chair’s binder.
  • Determine potential expenses for Budget committee

Skills: computer skills recommended


  • Monitor the website to ensure that all information is current and accurate.
  • Work with Site Resources, Directory Editor, and others as necessary to keep the website up to date.
  • Annually or as necessary, send updated email forwarding addresses to Site Resources, to keep Contact Us links current.
  • Respond in a timely fashion to requests for updates from Board members and other  branch members.
  • Design and implement new pages or edit existing ones as necessary, to improve the usefulness, accessibility, and appearance of the website.
  • Perform similar activities for the Branch Facebook page

Activities Timeline
1.  At least once a year, and more often when necessary, send new forwarding addresses to Site Resources, so they can update the Contact Us page on the website.

2.  At least once a year, and more often when necessary, post new Branch events to the interactive calendar on the home page.
3.  At least once a month, update the home page and Programs page as required, to ensure that visitors to the site always view current information.
4.  At least once a month, review activities pages, such as Book Sale, to make sure information is current.

Skills: Computer skills; willingness to learn and to use WordPress; should be detail-oriented person with willingness/ability to maintain information on all website pages in a timely and consistent manner.

Updated September 2017