Social Co-Chairs

  • Arrangements for monthly branch meetings are made in advance with AACC.  Interest/Study groups sign-up to bring 2 dozen cookies for the meetings.  The groups should be reminded one week in advance and asked to deliver cookies before 7 p.m. the day of the branch meeting.
  • Arrange for greeters for each branch meeting and send them a reminder at least one week in advance of the meeting.
  • Coordinate with the Program V.P. to make the following arrangements: Date of meeting; Estimated attendance (45 – 70); Arrival time for social and hospitality chairs; serving time; Meeting time.
  • Order the following: 2 carafes decaffeinated coffee; 30 cups brewed tea; 2 pitchers of water; 50 cups and saucers; 20 glasses of water; spoons, cocktail napkins; 3 serving plates for member’s cookies; 2 card table size tables for nametags at front entrance; basket for returned nametags.
  • Plan to arrive 45 minutes before the meeting begins; check room setup and beverage service.
  • The September Open House, December and May Luncheons are traditionally held at AACC in the ballroom.  Consult with AACC for arrangements.  Detailed instructions for arrangements and prepaid registrations are included in the Social Chair’s binder.
  • Determine potential expenses for Budget committee

Skills: computer skills recommended