Recording Secretary

  • Perform such duties as are requested by the President or Board of Directors.
  • Prepare potential expenses for budget committee as requested.
  • Record and keep in her custody the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and any branch meetings as requested by the branch President (typically, the meeting which includes election of officers).
  • Keep a copy of the branch policies and bylaws and a list of branch officers and committee chairs in the Recording Secretary files, and have it available for consultation at branch board meetings.
  • Maintain a separate list of actions taken by the Board of Directors which are policy-making, together with the dates on which such actions were taken.
  • Transmit one copy of the minutes of the board meetings, as well as any other requested meeting minutes, to the Branch Historian at the end of each fiscal year. Additionally, transmit one copy of accompanying supplementary board reports to the Branch Historian.

Additional Notes:

  • Recording of board meetings on a digital recorder is useful for reference.
  • Circulate attendance sheet at board meetings.
  • Format minutes to be consistent with the President’s agenda.
  • Label filename of minutes with date and draft number, e.g., AAUWboardminutes050410draft1.
  • Include filename in minutes as footnote.
  • Send first draft of minutes to the President and one reviewer for editiing before submission to the entire board for review.
  • Submit supplementary board member reports electronically to entire board. Include filenames of monthly supplementary reports in monthly minutes.

Updated December 2011