President Elect

  • Coordinate Interest Groups:
    • Gather schedules and information about each group’s program plans for the year.
    • Organize September Open House in conjunction with the Program Chair and Social Co-Chairs.
    • Visit as many groups as possible during the year in order to become acquainted with individual members and learn more about the structure of the branch program.
  • Serve on the committee for the distribution of the book sale scholarship funds.
  • Serve as ex-officio member of the By-Laws and College/University Relations Committees.
  • Attend Branch Board Meetings and Executive Board Meetings.
  • With the Directory Editor, coordinate the preparation of the Branch Membership Directory:
    • Prepare and/or collect informational content for the directory as requested by the Directory Editor (the membership listing will be prepared by the Directory Editor).
    • Solicit ads for the directory and collect payment for these ads.  Ad copy to be sent to the Directory Editor, who will incorporate the ads into the directory layout.
  • Send welcome letters with information about their mentors to all new members.  Member Directories to be included with letters sent to members who join after the main distribution to current membership.
  • Preside at meetings in the absence of the president, and act in the absence or disability of the president.
  • Perform other such duties as are requested by the president or by the board of directors.
  • Consult and/or advise informally as members raise questions.

Activities Timeline
June, July, August:

Directory Ads

  • Make follow-up phone calls in August to all potential advertisers non-responders.
  • Maintain advertiser information on spreadsheet.
  • Ads to be sent directly to directory editor electronically or as camera-ready hard copy.
  • Finalize directory ads; payment checks to Finance Treasurer.
  • Send renewal letter with order form to previous advertisers by the end of June.
  • Send ad info to AAUW Message Board to encourage membership to advertise in directory.
  • Contact potential new advertisers.

Membership Directory

  • Consult with Directory Editor on content and layout of Directory.
  • Prepare and/or collect copy for directory:  President’s Letter, Description and schedule of Interest Groups, Branch Programs Schedule and Description.  Send electronically to Directory Editor.

Assist with proofing Member Directory and distribution at branch meeting.

Interest Groups (IG)

  • Prepare folders for IG chairs (use previous year’s model).
  • Assist in arrangements for any new Interest Groups.
  • Conduct IG Chairs meeting held in late August with information about Open House.
  • Plan Sept. Open House with Program VP, Membership VP, Social Chairs, and Ann Arbor City Club staff.
  • Get schedules, descriptions, chair names from Interest Groups.

New Member Letters

Beginning in July (and continuing throughout year), send welcome letters to newly joining members; information from Membership VP; after general distribution of directory to membership, include directory with welcome letters.


  • At Open House, supervise table setup, place signs, direct IG Chairs to their tables.
  • Contact all local directory advertisers via email inviting them to have a display table at branch meetings.  Coordinate monthly any advertiser displays.  Notify City Club of necessary number of display tables each month.
  • Begin visiting Interest Groups.
  • Coordinate with President, Program VP, Membership VP and Social Chairs for final preparations for Open House.
  • Prepare IG Calendar and IG description lists for Open House.
  • Inventory Open House Supplies – IG signs, stands, Sign up sheets and provide additional ones if necessary.


  • Collect Interest Group membership lists and programs and check for non-members.
  • Continue visiting Interest Groups (continues throughout year).


  • Assist President in planning Winter Luncheon Program and Guest List.


  • Begin appointing directors and chairs for the coming year.  Use Nominations list as a reference for possible people to fill the appointed positions.


  • Assist President in planning Spring Luncheon Program and Guest List.
  • Send welcome and/or appreciation letters to all incoming, outgoing and continuing directors and chairs.
  • Complete contract with Ann Arbor City Club.
  • Prepare list of elected and appointed Board members for June Joint Board Meeting.
  • end a list of elected and appointed board members to the Association and the State Board.
  • If necessary, locate and arrange site for Board Meetings.
    Updated December 2011