Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee includes 7 members: 2 members elected the previous year for 2-year terms, 2 newly elected 2- year members and 3 members appointed by the President and approved by the board of directors for one-year terms. The nominating committee chooses a Chair or co-Chairs from its elected members.

    • The Nominating Committee presents a slate of nominees in writing to the membership at least 30 days prior to the election. Nominations may be made from the floor at the time of the election providing the written consent of the nominee is obtained.
    • The slates to be developed each year are:
        • In elections held in even-numbered years, the slate will include the president-elect, vice president for membership, recording secretary, and two 2-year-term members for the nominating committee.
        • In elections held in odd-numbered years, the slate will include the president-elect, vice president for program, finance treasurer, dues treasurer, and two 2-year-term members for the nominating committee.
        • The Committee will nominate candidates for vacant electable officer positions at any time during the year and send them to the AAUW Board for approval.
    • The Committee will ask for lists of possible candidates from the president and president-elect. Members interested in specific positions may contact committee members to discuss their interest. In addition, the membership VP will keep a list of special skills gleaned from the New Member Survey. Computer skills are essential for all Board positions.


Activities Time-Line:

December: Set a date in January for all nominating committee members to meet.

January: A Nominating Committee meeting is held to discuss each office and position. Candidates are discussed and when agreement is reached, phone calls are made to the potential candidates. Emails, phone calls, and meetings continue until a full slate is obtained.

February: The candidates’ slate must be presented at the February Board meeting and sent to the Newsletter Editor for March publication.

April: The slate is voted on at the Annual Meeting. The voting is done by ballot except where there is only one nominee for office, the vote may be taken by voice.

Updated December 2015