National Conference for College Women Student Leaders Director

Become familiar with the NCCWSL website ( for the immediate past and future Conferences.

Confirm the Branch NCCWSL budget for the current FY.  Confirm the cost of an Early Bird registration and an estimated cost of various travel options.

In preparation for the beginning of Early Bird registration, possibly in mid-October or early November, work with the staff at NCCWSL to revise the registration form.  When this is completed, revise these forms for EMU, UM, WCC and UM Flint.

Revise AAUW-AA Branch NCCWSL Informational flyer to be utilized for recruitment during the Early Bird Registration process.  The registration for the AAUW-AA Branch scholarship will require a $50 deposit from each applicant.

Just prior to the beginning of Early Bird Registration, or at another date tbd, send the informational flyer and application to all contacts at EMU, UM, WCC and UMFlint including our College/University Partners and AAUW – AA Branch e-members; and other interested persons.

At the fall Branch Open House, recruit 4-5 members, to participate in a one-time meeting, to review applicants and rank in order for our Branch Scholarship awards.

Communicate with applicants, selected by the committee, of their award and obtain am e-mail acceptance reply together with an acknowledgement for their responsibilities upon accepting the award.

Prior to the Early Bird Registration deadline, register 4 attendees (at the Early Bird rate to receive the 15% discount).  Register yourself, as Group Leader, and designate ‘attending’ or ‘not attending’.

For applicants, who are not awarded, the AAUW – AA Branch scholarship, return their $50 deposit.  After the Early Bird registration is completed and transportation costs are paid, review the AAUW -AA Branch NCCWSL budget for remaining monies which can be used for a partial National Scholarship and transportation assistance.

When the awardees attend the 2020 NCCWSL Conference, ask them to send a photo, which will only be used for recruitment purposes in future years.

After the attendees return from the conference, ask for their feedback via text message or e-mail.  Ask each attendee to explain what they liked most about the Conference and what they like least about the conference.

Revised 9/2019