• Secure nametags with the AAUW Ann Arbor branch logo, which are provided for all members.   The nametags for elected officers and appointed chairs also include the members’ titles.  New nametags are prepared as follows: For new members when they join AAUW Ann Arbor branch; for new officers and chairs to include new titles; for outgoing officers and chairs to remove prior titles.
  • Keep an attendance count for branch meetings. The number of attendees (members and guests) is recorded on an Excel spreadsheet and total attendance for the year is reported to the board in May.


  • Two members arrive about 20 minutes prior to meetings/events and set up the nametag table.  They provide teal Greeter tags for the people acting as greeters.  They then greet members as they arrive for meetings, supply the nametags and remind members to mark the attendance sheet.
  • Nametags are prepared for guests attending the winter and spring luncheons. “Reserved Table” signs are also prepared for the luncheons. It is helpful to have pulled the tags for members who made reservations and arrange them alphabetically for pick up.