Mailing Committee Chair

  • Coordinate and oversee the Mailing Committee
  • Maintain an electronic copy of the complete Branch mailing list (from the master spreadsheet)
  • Maintain an electronic list of members who do not have an email address or computer access, (from the master spreadsheet)
  • Mail printed copies of the Bulletin and the Monthly Branch Calendar to members who do not have email addresses or computer access.
  • Each month in which there is a Branch meeting, print 10 copies of the Bulletin and Monthly Branch Calendar, to be made available at the meeting for new and potential members.
  • Maintain printed copies of Bulletins, Monthly Branch Calendars, and the Membership Directory for yearly transfer to the Branch Historian
  • Mail one copy of  the Bulletin, when published, to the AAUW Library in Washington, DC
  • When the Directory is published (in the fall), coordinate with the Directory Editor to ensure that all members receive a Directory either in person or through USPS mail:
    • Work with the City Club or other Branch meeting venues to set up card tables and chairs for Directory distribution; recruit one or two members to help
    • Print out a single set of mailing labels.  As Directories are handed to individual members, remove and affix each label to that Directory.
    • Labels that are left over from the above manual handouts are used for USPS mailings of remaining Directories.  Mail them in 6 ½ x 9 ½” manila envelopes.  Recruit a team to help stamp, stuff, and tape envelopes.  Directories are sent via First Class Mail, using PS Form 3600-EZ, May 2009.  Check with the Post Office in September to see if any changes have been made to mailing procedures since the previous year.  Maintain copies of all postal forms used.
  • Manage the printing of mailing labels, as needed
  • Maintain a stock of Directory mailing envelopes, blank printable labels, and USPS forms.
  • Perform other mailing duties at the direction of the board.
  • Determine potential expenses for the Annual Budget, which will include Bulletin and Monthly Calendar printing, copying, and mailing expenses, and Directory mailing expenses.

Skills: Computer skills 

Updated February 2018