Fundraising Chair

  • Receive and deposit all monies remitted to the Branch, with the exception of dues, which are received and handled by the Dues Treasurer
  • Pay all bills provided for in the budget or verified by persons making AAUW purchases. Track and pay all renewals and recurring bills, such as voicemail, Constant Contact, insurance, storage, etc.
  • Record all Branch revenue and expenses according to budget or other Branch account categories
  • Prepare spread sheets for special activities
  • Maintain separate books for Book Sale transactions
  • Maintain orderly files and ensure proper back-up for all transactions
  • Keep accurate records for all Branch bank accounts and reconcile accounts at the end of every month
  • Prepare and submit a report to the Board at each regular meeting and the annual meeting, and at such times as requested by the Board. In most cases, reports should show actual MTD and YTD revenues and expenses as compared to budget figures
  • Close and present Branch books for annual review at the end of the fiscal year, June 30. Reopen the books at July 1
  • Serve on the Budget Committee and help prepare an annual budget
  • Serve on the committee which distributes earnings from book sale
  • Prepare and file necessary tax forms and payments by deadlines, such as annual sales tax return
  • Pick up AAUW-AA Branch mail in box at Stadium Post Office and distribute
  • Acknowledge donations with signed and dated receipt to be used for tax purposes

Skills: accounting, spreadsheet and computer skills                                                                                  Updated February 2018