Dues Treasurer

  • Collect annual dues from current Branch members and new members.
  • Prepare and send out the annual dues notice in the April, May and June Bulletins and/or Monthly Branch Calendars.
  • Work with fellow Branch members to retain members and recruit new members.
  • Forward Branch member dues to the National and State Associations with the appropriate forms and payment.
  • Maintain an accurate list of all Branch members, addresses, phone and e-mail members, college/university graduation dates and degrees.
  • Supply information about new members to the Directory Editor in a timely way.
  • Maintain a database of individual member’s preferences, skills, interests and a willingness to work on short/long term projects, hold office, etc.
  • Maintain a USPS mailing list.
  • Work with the Directory Editor and Webmaster to ensure that the most current E-Directory is on the web site.
  • Work with the VP Membership, Bulletin Editor(s), Directory Editor, and Mailing Committee Chair to coordinate communication efforts and insure accuracy of members’ demographic information.
  • Attend general meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Participate in the Branch budgeting process.  Give input regarding revenue estimates from annual dues collected.
  • Collect and distribute mail from the Branch’s P.O. Box several times a week
  • Review Branch members (50 years) for recognition as Honorary Life Member status.  Complete and submit applications as appropriate.
  • Maintain deadlines for submission of Branch Dues Report and Additional Dues Reports quarterly and as needed.
  • Activities Timeline
    — The duties of the Dues Treasurer begin in April, immediately following the general election on the third Tuesday in April.   (Other elected officers assume responsibility July 1)
    — Dues are due May 15 of each year.
  • Updated February 2018