Directory Editor


  • Determine with the President and President-Elect when the Directory and subsequent supplements should be issued, and develop a timeline/production schedule.
  • Submit expenses for the Annual Budget
  • Gather and compile information:
    • Obtain Member information, both new and renewals, from the Dues Treasurer, via the master Excel spreadsheet
    • It is not the duty of the Directory Editor to incorporate individual changes and additions into the Directory file.  The Dues Treasurer maintains this file and the Directory Editor uses a copy of that maintained file each time one is needed.
    • Program information from the President and Program Vice President
    • Interest Group information from the President and President Elect
    • Ads for the directory (solicit, obtain copy and/or graphics, also collect payment for these ads)
  • Prepare the directory, using Microsoft Word:
    • Update the front material, as required (new officers, board members, program, etc)
    • Using Mail Merge, insert member information in the directory file
    • Using hard copy, proofread the Directory against member renewal forms (with another member, usually the President-Elect).
  • Get the directory printed.  Obtain print bids every two years.
  • Work with other Branch members to distribute Directories at various meetings, including Branch and Interest Group meetings.
  • Mail undistributed Directories (USPS first class) in 6.5 x 9.5 manila envelopes.  Recruit a team to help stamp, stuff, and tape envelopes.
  • Prepare a PDF file of member listings (the “E-Directory”).
    • Distribute it electronically to members who request it.
    • Upload the E-Directory to the web site, or work with the Webmaster to do so.
  • Prepare Directory supplements as often as needed.
    • Work with the Dues Treasurer to compile additions for new members
    • Compile corrections as submitted by individual members
    • Issue Supplements as appropriate.  Work with the Monthly Branch Calendar Editor to distribute them as separate PDF attachments in the Monthly Branch Calendar emails.
    • Ensure that Supplement information is incorporated into the master Word file.
    • Create a PDF from the updated complete member file (E-Directory) and upload it to the web site, or coordinate with the Webmaster to do so.

Skills : Ability to organize a lot of material, with high level of attention to detail; strong computer skills and/or willingness to learn new ones; proofreading talent, ability to set and meet deadlines.

Updated February 2018