Communications Chair / Monthly Branch Calendar Editor

Position description:

Manage outgoing communication from the Branch to members, i.e. calendar, social media, website, Grasshopper.
Work with Directory Editor to publish Directory Supplement.
Publicize additional Branch activities as directed by the President.


  • Directory Supplement
    • Solicit changes/additions/deletions to the annual directory
    • Publish Supplement (usually in March)
  • Interest Group Calendar
    • Attend annual meeting in August for Interest Group Chairs.
    • Send monthly e-mail reminders to IG chairs soliciting information for the following month.
    • Publish monthly IG calendar in PDF format.
    • Publish combined June-August IG calendar in PDF format


  • Update various forms (IG and Supplement forms) as appropriate
  • Maintain and update relevant documentation
  • Write annual report of committee’s activities

Updated April 2018