College-University Representative

Position Description:

Establish and maintain relationships with all local colleges/universities which have AAUW C/U Partnerships


  • Establish a C/U Relations committee consisting of one branch member to serve as liaison with each institution that is a C/U Partner.
  • Meet with C/U Partner Representatives as necessary (at least once a year)
  • Assist liaisons in coordinating joint projects that may develop with local institutions.
  • Keep local C/U Partner institutions informed about all AAUW programs or projects in which they may participate.
  • Prepare C/U articles or announcements for the Monthly Branch Calendar as needed and work with the Communications Director to place publicity in the local media.


  • Attend monthly Board meetings.
  • Submit expenses for the Annual Budget.

Activities Timeline:

September-October: With C/U liaisons, meet with local C/U Partner Representatives to set the agenda for the year.
November-December: Invite C/U Partner Representatives to the Winter Luncheon and host them at that event.

Updated April 2018