Book Sale Co-Chairs

Position Description:

Coordinate and oversee all aspects of planning and execution of the annual sale.
These positions require two-year commitments. One person acts as the lead, or principal, co-chair. The second co-chair actually functions as an assistant to the principal co-chair, learning each of the tasks first-hand. The two co-chairs agree on how they will share the responsibilities listed below.


  • Write articles for the AAUW Monthly Branch Calendar, sharing planning and sale information with membership as needed.
  • Appoint members of the Planning Committee that meets in the spring.
  • Review the sorting categories and arrange for printing of box labels that correspond to the categories.
  • Develop a calendar for collection, sorting, drop off, moving, and sale.
  • Find and organize sorting space
  • Contact Washtenaw Community College early in the spring to confirm space arrangements; also arrange for a contract 2 years hence, in order to reserve use of the Artists’ Gallery for dealer use on the first day of the sale.
  • Contact other AAUW branches, especially Wyandotte/Downriver, and other groups to arrange collection of overflow books.
  • Coordinate with the Publicity Chair all decisions and costs regarding official publicity and flyers.
  • Prepare collection and sale flyers to be included with the reservation sheet for the May luncheon.
  • Coordinate with the Staffing Chair to ensure appropriate volunteer staffing for the sale.
  • Appoint a volunteer/committee to locate/prepare/arrange/post all other printed material: purchase receipts, price lists, posters, yard signs, and directional signs at the sale site.
  • Arrange for training sessions for triage/sorting, and for cashiers (i.e. volunteers who take the money from the public, not the Head Tellers behind the scenes).
  • Arrange for recycling service.
  • Reserve 4 flat bed carts.
  • Arrange for a Kick-Off Meeting/luncheon in June prior to the beginning of sorting.
  • Review/approve requests for financial reimbursement or financial expenditures.
  • Ensure that Transportation and Set-Up Chairs receive total box and tray count category information from the Data Support Chair.
  • Ensure that the Set-Up chair has contacted with Concordia to arrange help from its basketball team on moving day and that payment to the school has been arranged.
  • Review the set-up plan at WCC with the Set-Up Chair.
  • Buy refreshments for the movers.
  • Supervise the moving to WCC. Be sure all the hand-carts are available. Clean up the sorting space after the movers have departed.
  • Supervise the set-up at WCC.
  • Arrange for volunteers to break down and store the unpacked boxes during set-up.
  • Check to see that Head Tellers (behind the scenes) have aprons, cash boxes, and sufficient change, etc. Check arrangements for bank deposits.
  • Attend and monitor the sale’s progress during sale days. Confirm that non-profits will pick up books from 1-3pm on Sunday.
  • At the end of the sale:
    – Arrange for volunteers who will assemble boxes to pack up remainder of books not sold and move sale materials to storage.
    – Supervise closing and clean up after the sale. Boxes of remaining soft cover books should be boxed and stacked.
    – Renew the storage unit agreement, if needed.
    – Ensure the tellers prepare a final Book Sale financial report.
  • Meet with the Branch Funds Chair and committee for dispersal of profit from the year’s sale. Reserve about $10,000 for start up funds for next year.
  • Secure written reports from each of the Committee Chairs.
  • Arrange for a Wrap-Up Meeting with Committee Chairs. Brainstorm ideas for possible future improvements.


  • Attend monthly Board meetings.
  • Determine potential expenses for a budget.
  • Appoint all Committee Chairs.

Updated April 2018