NCCWSL – What is NCCWSL (Nick-Whistle)?

National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) 

The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders is the premiere leadership training conference for college women offered by AAUW.  Its goal is to provide an experience that prepares its members to return home ready to improve their campus and community.  It’s a two-and-a-half day event and it is a fast-paced and informative program that addresses the needs of current and aspiring women student leaders.

Our 2016 NCCWSL attendees.

Our 2016 NCCWSL attendees.

At the conference, women choose from more than fifty workshops that prepare them for life after college.  There are also incredible role models, including speakers and awardees.  More than eighty graduate schools and more than 25 potential employers are at this event in order to better help women prepare for life after college.  NCCWSL helps young women gain the confidence and skills to return home ready to take action.

Scholarships for $495 to cover registration and room and board costs are offered by National AAUW to students who request the help, but travel scholarships are only available through local branches.  We have sponsored women from our partner schools (Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, and Washtenaw Community College) since 2006.  We pay round-trip bus fares of $175 for our applicants who win registration scholarships and sometimes pay other costs when funds are available.

In 2016 we were able to send 7 women representing all three schools to the three-day conference, which was held on the University of Maryland campus in College Park, near Washington DC, on June 1-3.  All have sent the branch “thank you” letters for an experience they found amazing, transforming, inspiring, life-changing, and confidence building.  Read just two of these reports, from Antoinette Debose and Destinee Leaphart, to see what a great impact this experience can have on the participants.

Visit the official NCCWSL page for more information or contact Ginny Maturen at the Ann Arbor branch.