Scholarship Recipients

CEW (Center of Education for Women) Scholars: 


Molly Kleinman - CEW Scholar 2013-14

Molly Kleinman – CEW Scholar 2013-14


One of our CEW scholars this year is Molly Kleinman. Molly wrote a thank you to our Branch in which she indicated she is a PhD student at the U of M School of Education Center  for the Study of Higher and Post-secondary Education.

Her specialization is higher education policy and in particular, is “interested in using policy levers to improve access to the tremendous stores of knowledge and information that universities produce.”

She comes to the program with experience as a literary agent and librarian. Molly is also an avid bicyclist and served on the board of Common Cycle, a local non-profit organization supporting local cycling.

Congratulations Molly!

Elisa Dack-2013-14 CEW Scholar

Elisa Dack – CEW Scholar 2013-14