Let’s Read Math


A successful 2013 Let’s Read Math series was completed on February 9! An average of 12 students and parents attended each of the 6 sessions. Evaluations from both parents and students were positive, and included comments praising the story read,  the hands-on activities, and the patient and individual attention from the volunteers. Several preschool brothers and sisters came along with school age children and were integrated smoothly into the program. Nineteen AAUW members volunteered their time and talents along with six students from the University of Michigan College of Engineering. Thank you to all the volunteers. You did a great job!


Children, parents, and volunteers together enjoyed the story, the coordinating activities planned and the items to take home to extend the lesson.


The Ann Arbor District library partnered with us, providing a room,  publicity, a contact person each session, and supplies and equipment for the program. AAUW thanks the AADL for their help and support! 


We soon will be starting to plan another AAUW Let’s Read Math program for next year. Join us and experience the good feeling of outreach to the community and helping children to learn!

Let’s Read Math is a simple math teaching approach developed by Claire Passantino in 2004.  Students read a children’s book and then participate in fun math activities related to that book.

For more information, contact Ann Taber, Diane Johnston, or the President.