Book Sale

Our annual Used Book Sale is a three-day event held in the Morris Lawrence Building at Washtenaw Community College, 4800 East Huron Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. The next book sale will be in September, 2014.We will begin collecting books in June 2014 for our used book sale in September. Check back in May for sorting site location. Until then, please store your books in a dry location.

Book Sale History

In the 61 years since the book sale began it has become an Ann Arbor institution. Now you can read the story of its evolution in a new history written by Polly Pan.


 The 61st Ann Arbor AAUW Used Book Sale was held September 6 – 8, 2013, in the Morris Lawrence Building of Washtenaw Community College.  We raised $36,350 in sales and donations.  After expenses, all proceeds will be used to support scholarships for women, either locally or through the AAUW National Education Funds.

Sun 2pm helpers

Thank you to the Ann Arbor community which supports our book sale every summer with a constant stream of book donations.  We are grateful to Candice and Helmut Stern who gave us several carloads of books from their truly exceptional home library, including many special and valuable art books.  We wish them well in their new home in New Mexico.

We also want to thank the many community organizations that helped us during the summer.  Students from the Huron High School Honor Society cheerfully assisted us in any job at the sorting site that we asked them to do. Members of the Wyandotte AAUW branch and Friends of the Tecumseh, Clinton, and Ann Arbor libraries carried away many boxes of our Overflow books which they will use for their fund raising sales.  Twelve members of the Concordia basketball team helped us on our move-in day to WCC, organized in shifts of 3-4 young men per time period, from 8:45 to 3:30 pm.

Non-profit organizations were invited to come pick up unsold books the last afternoon of the sale. These organizations include the Clinton, Tecumseh, St. Ignace, and Ann Arbor Libraries, the Wyandotte AAUW branch, the Neutral Zone, the Anchors Unlimited Science Fund, the Family Learning Institute, the Veterans’ Hospital, and a group sending books to Zimbabwe. One of our members took children’s books to a pediatric hospital clinic.  The Girls’ Group helped clean up the sale site and also took books home.  Remaining books were left at WCC for students and staff to take home.

name2 reducedOur wonderful AAUW volunteers spent many hours during the summer processing books. 0ver 30 members volunteered to unpack books on Sept 5th.  Among the many people who have worked to make this sale successful over the years, we recognize Barbara Petoskey, who has managed Transportation for the move-in to WCC for 27 years. The mover, Jerry, has handled the move for 12 years, even since his company here closed down and he moved to Wisconsin.  But with ties to Ann Arbor, he has made the trip each year to handle our move.  I know we can all applaud such loyalty to the book sale project.

Karen Bourdon_Mary Mostaghim reducedThere was a significant decrease in donations of recent books this year which is most likely the result of the e-reader phenomenon. This trend is expected to effect our future book sales, as it did this year.

We especially thank Oak Valley Centre, LLC,  for their generous donation of our collection/sorting site this year.

Karen Bourdon, Book Sale 2013 co-Chair


Information about book sales for other Michigan branches is available at the AAUW of Michigan website.