Student Advisory Council

Lauren Shackleford

Lauren Shackleford, AAUW/Eastern Michigan University Student Advisory Council member

“Exceptional Women Making Change on Campus”

by Celina Romano

The National Student Advisory Council (SAC) is a council that serves as AAUW ambassadors.  This group advises AAUW staff on the needs of college students, leads gender equality projects on their campuses, and helps plan AAUW and NASPA’s annual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).  This council allows college women to represent the voices of students, develop as leaders, network, and gain resume-building experience.

The group meets from October through June and works to solve many different women’s issues.  This year’s SAC is working toward closing the leadership gap between men and women and is also fighting for equal pay.  They are also organizing students on campuses across the country on critical issues such as ending sexual violence.                                             Celina Romano pic

Joining the Student Advisory Council is fairly easy and available on the sites webpage. The council gives $3.7 million annually in fellowships, grants, and awards that encourage educational and professional development, as well as resources for members facing employment challenges.  The council also helps to provide networking and mentoring opportunities, relevant and timely information on issues impacting women and girls, and the chance to build lifelong relationships.  Too learn more about the Student Advisory Council go to  To learn more about Lauren go to



Benita Robinson pic with titleBenita Robinson

Benita Robinson returned from the 2012 National Conference of College Women  Student  Leaders  (NCCWSL)  with  a  desire  to  fulfill  a  need  on campus.

“There is a great need for women to be represented in society equally and to offer the opportunity for others to learn about issues deemed as women’s issues and ways to diminish those ideas,” she said.

That’s  why  Robinson,  along  with  four  other  University  of  Michigan-Dearborn students, helped found an American Association of University Women (AAUW) chapter on campus. Now, she hopes to spread that message on a national level.

Robinson was one of 10 college students chosen nationwide to serve on the AAUW Student Advisory Council.

“The thing that resonates with me most about the mission of AAUW is education,” Robinson said. “I feel this is the foundation for all social change. It is imperative that we educate the community on what problems we face as a society and how they can contribute to the changes that need to be made.

As a member of the Student Advisory Council, Robinson will offer  AAUW  staff members  firsthand accounts  of student needs and  ideas  for  combating  sexual discrimination  in  higher  education  and  the workplace. She also will promote AAUW on campus, contribute to the AAUW Dialog blog and serve as a student leader at the NCCWSL.

“I’m looking forward to attending the 2013 NCCWSL and representing the voices and experiences of college students,” she said. “This is a huge task, but I feel I am adequately equipped to give valid input on how the conference can blossom.”

Robinson began her appointment last weekend when she and the nine other members of the council gathered in Washington, D.C., to learn more about the AAUW and develop a leadership plan.

Back on campus, Robinson looks forward to advancing the mission of the AAUW and strengthening her leadership skills in the process.

“I hope that with each leadership experience, I am able to contribute positively to my community,” she said. “I want to work with others to build a sustainable and equal-opportunity society for our future leaders to thrive in.

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