Officers and Board

Elected Officers 2016-2017

President                                           Mary Mostaghim
President-Elect                                  Barbara Duncan
Finance Treasurer                            Candace Friedman
Dues Treasurer                                 Caroline Richardson
Membership Vice Presidents          Siham Kubba, Michelle Tokarz
Program Vice Presidents                 Judy Daltuva, Stephanie Newell
Recording Secretary                         Mary Anne Stankov
Past President                                   Amy Seetoo
Nominating Co-Chairs                      Irene Dernberger, Fran Lyman

Appointed Directors, 2016-2017

AAUW Funds                                        Polly Pan
Book Sale Co-Chairs                           Pamela Ehrhart, Ann Ringia
College/University Partners              Kay Hodges
Communications/Newsletter            Sandra Walls
Communications/Events, IG Cal.      Susan Pritts
Historian                                               Linda “Meg” Brown
NCCWSL Chair                                     Ginny Maturen
Policies and By-Laws Co-Directors   Elizabeth Benanzer, Connie Olson
Public Policy Co-Directors                  Dixie Cocagne, Kathy Stroud

Appointed Committee Chairs, 2016-2017

Corresponding Secretaries                  Betty Bishop, Jenny Hannibal
Directory                                                 Barbara Duncan, Susan Pritts
Diversity                                                  Ann Tai
Hospitality – Name Tags                       Phyllis Swonk
Leadership                                             Karen Bourdon
Legal Advocacy Funds                          Karen Bourdon
Mailing Buddies Committee                Mavis Hines
Online Directory Liaison                      Siham Kubba
Parliamentarians                                  Betty Bishop, Connie Olson
Publicity/Posters/Photographer         tba
Social co-chairs                                      Elaine Brandenburg, Deborah Dawson
STEM Coordinator                                 Amy Seetoo
Website Administrator                         Judy Steeh